We’re almost there. Almost at 1 whole year since the day you were born and today is extra raw, it’s been one whole year since it all started. One whole year since I was admitted into hospital with severe bleeding and I was being prepped for theatre and possible blood transfusion. One whole year since […]

Its been a while!

Hi guys! I am aware I have more than abandoned this page recently and I couldn’t bring myself to explain what was going on with me but then I figured, why? I named my blog life after stillbirth for a reason and that is so people can have an insight into all aspects of life […]

No words.

I’ve been trying to find the words to write this post for a couple of weeks now and I haven’t been able too, Im still not really sure of the right ones tbh but I can’t keep that from letting me do these posts because in reality that is life, sometimes there are just no […]

Life after stillbirth

If there’s one thing I can’t control it’s that life does continue after stillbirth, the days and the months still roll by. And you find yourself in new places before you know it, having found out I was pregnant again recently this made me realise more than ever that, I can’t stop the world from […]

Christmas in heaven

I hope Christmas in heaven is as magical as it is on earth, I hope santa still brings you gifts and you still get excited about spending the time with your loved ones. I hope you and all the other babies in heaven have a lovely time on Christmas day and still feel very much […]


As a mother you automatically think you can protect your child from everything in this big bad world. How shitty that I couldn’t protect both of my children from this? I should of been  able to keep my baby safe in my tummy and keep him alive untill he was ready to give it a […]

I miss you

I miss you today. I mean I miss you everyday but I really miss you today. I’m not even sure why, sometimes it’s because I’ve seen a picture of a baby boy, sometimes it’s because I’ve been speaking about you or I’ve had a dream about you again. Other times its because I’ve seen a baby […]