As a mother you automatically think you can protect your child from everything in this big bad world. How shitty that I couldn’t protect both of my children from this? I should of been  able to keep my baby safe in my tummy and keep him alive untill he was ready to give it a […]

I miss you

I miss you today. I mean I miss you everyday but I really miss you today. I’m not even sure why, sometimes it’s because I’ve seen a picture of a baby boy, sometimes it’s because I’ve been speaking about you or I’ve had a dream about you again. Other times its because I’ve seen a baby […]

My promise to you.

I think about you alot, especially at the minute as this time last year was when we first knew of you! This time last year we cried over a little pink line. This time last year we fantasised about how different our lives would be in one years time and my God we weren’t wrong. […]

Stillbirth is real life.

Before Macauley I was naive. Stupidly and so ignorantly naive. Like I knew babies died and people went through absolute hell and I felt for these people, but it never effected me directly so it would be a sad 5 second thought from me and I’d move on with my life.. Even the day I […]

This is my baby.

One of the things as a parent that you really look forward to doing whilst pregnant is leaving the hospital with your baby, all wrapped up lovely in a coming home outfit, probably some oversized hat as we worry the outside air will be too cold for our dainty little babies. This doesn’t change as […]


  Nothing can prepare you for losing a child, but it can be that little more difficult when you have other children and family members to try and support through it too. Harvey is my eldest boy, he was 4 when his little brother was born sleeping and he was so heartbroken. He’d played such […]


I use quotes to help me express how I’m feeling, purely because I don’t know how to say it myself. Other people seem to make the words come out right while I’m still struggling on how the words sound right in my head. Quote pictures on several websites such as Instagram, pinterest & Facebook have […]